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MEET Andrew Kaminski 

rew in art.jpg

Andrew (Rew) has been making visual art as early as 3 years old, or as early as he could pick up a pencil.


When Rew was born, he had so many ear infections, that for a time, he couldn’t hear anything.


Working with his hands and eyes was the obvious option, which led him to create art. 

Rew grew up with his sister Katie, who has cerebral palsy. Katie couldn’t communicate at all besides moaning and crying.


Rew realized his art could communicate his sister’s voice, and what he believes is a divine love you can feel when she laughs.


Katie has a spark in her eyes, and her smile is contagious. Rew’s paintings and drawings aim to communicate that spark.


Rew went to school to get his MFA in studio art at The City College of New York, and received his BFA from SUNY New Paltz.


He has shown his work in NYC, Thailand, California, and the Hudson Valley of NY.


His influences include the poetry of Sri Aurobindo, the vibrancy of Van Gogh, and the message of a divine presence seen in works by Alex Grey.

Rew currently lives in the Hudson Valley with his partner, Sandra, with their two cats, Marcus & Eddy. He brings art as a therapy and recreation to a local hospital to assist in people’s recovery from substance abuse.

Andrew at mural.jpg

Veterans Mural, Kingston NY


Commissioned by the American Legion Post 150

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