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Anatomy II

In order for myself to understand my own body, and connect with what is beneath my skin, I felt that drawing my anatomy was imperative. I still find anatomy to be imperative to connecting to my health, and how my body functions.

I had a chapter in drawing where I found drawing human anatomy a particular fascination. I started to dive into drawing different parts of the human form, and the gut, and organs in order to learn.

I find colored pencil to be a satisfying aesthetic to observe, but what I truly find interesting is the insight I receive from drawing, and spending time and energy studying the anatomy.

This drawing is more of a relic than a visual phenomenon- it is a relic that I grew so fascinated with my health, that I developed a devotion to study my body and how it works. This study will continue, and it has led me to be on the path of helping people with their health, and working in healthcare as a therapist.

In order to understand the mind and human behavior, we must understand how our gut and our body affects our brain and all the other organs. 

If you are fascinated with the body, or interested in this conversation, please reach out to me through . I encourage you to study anatomy as well, as it is a super fascinating subject, and can lead to helping others or yourself understand how to live a more healthy and embodied lifestyle.

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