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Bernie Sanders caught my attention because he calls out the 1% and wants a distribution of wealth. If wealth is distributed in a way that he imagined, artists would have more time to create, and less time to worry about where their next meal is coming from. 

Universal healthcare is a strong position that I agree with as well. America's policies aren't that impressive in that we don't stand up for one another, and help each other stay alive, and have a bit more foresight into our own future, and realize that if we need healthcare, our society and our fellow person will stand up for us.

In a country that is so individualistic as the USA, and run in a military industrial complex, people are generally told to not question the powers at be, and chase the carrot that is success. At its essence, a free market society is brilliant. In practice, what we have doesn't necessarily encourage creativity in the marketplace, and I envision a world that is more inclined to assist small businesses become empowered in order to provide the creative energy that rising entrepreneurs wish to have.

From my perspective, the free market society that we are in feels like a survival of the strongest. Bernie's voice communicated a balance in the market and the world. His tone was utopian, but opened our world to a refreshing perspective compared to what we were coming from.

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