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Blue Bubbles Mandala

I remember when I was first painting this in Bangkok. Some woman wanted to be impressed, and the image had just begun, and she said, "Oh! My kid can paint that!"

Even though, it hurt to have my skills belittled, I had an inner knowing of my skills, and know that I can create wonderful things, and this particular painting honored and embraced the process - the sense of layering, and almost a geological process.

I continued this study in a later painting years later. Sometimes paintings have a conversation with one another, years apart.

Art does not care for time in a certain way, not painting - painting slows time down, or it captures times, and it holds it, and shows its trail, its evidence that it existed. You see every mark that one makes encapsulated, held, honored on one surface, in one frame. Where as our words and our actions are transient, and our bodies are constantly moving, and cannot be pinned down - in this case - the painting is kept in one moment, all the marks are eternally there - until of course a fire, or some. catastrophic event happens, but there at least is an attempt, an effort, a conscious decision to keep thoughts, and keep colors contained, and appreciated in one fixed position, to play God in a sense, and keep things right where you want them to be kept.

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