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Brain Anatomy

The human brain is an organ of the body that I'm highly fascinated with.

Again, if you've looked at my other anatomy drawings, you'll have picked up on that I did a series of studies, looking and observing the body in order to understand human anatomy and physiology more.

I work with people in recovery from addiction and overdose, and this study of the brain (which can easily be found in anatomy textbooks and online searches) was a way to explore my understanding and expand my knowledge of the human nervous system.

I identify as someone who has had a dynamic relationship with my brain. I have had a, for lack of a better word, roller coaster ride with my brain. I consider my brain to be my best friend, and I find it to be a very powerful instrument for my soul to interact with the physical and other worldly realms.

The brain has been and I know will continue to be a strong source of inspiration as I continue to work with people in recovery, and also work around my own behavior and energy levels.

The use of color pencil was a blast in conveying this brain illustration because of all the shading in the grey matter, which, in in this image, became colorful.

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