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Color Pencil Color Explosion

This image is a photograph actually of a drawing that is out there somewhere in the ether. 

I did not draw this because I was looking to make a product, or sell something, or market something. No.

I made this drawing because I had just experienced a series of losses in my life, and I was looking to understand what had happened.

I needed to release something. This drawing was done a large piece of paper, the height of my body, and the length of two of me. I ran through dozens of color pencils, and I did this when I was in school, studying art, forcing myself to experiment, although I stayed faithful to my color pencil aesthetic that I loved so dearly.

I look at this drawing, and it reminds me of the power of emotional healing art can allow. It reminds me to spread awareness of the power and joy that art can deliver.

I had suffered a major blow in my life, and this drawing allowed me to express that on some level. It gave me something to do, and allowed me to manifest it, instead of taking it out on myself or somebody else. This drawing helped soothe me, because all of a sudden, all the loss - it meant something, it added up to all the marks on this page, and I was able to rest a little bit more easily, because I had something to show for all the blows my life had just taken. I was able to make sense of things, even if I was the only one who would look at this drawing, and know particularly what it truly meant to create this work.

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