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Cosmic Crash

Oil Painting can be quite delightful, and the blending that oil painting allows can be very satisfying.

This painting was blissful to paint. I hope you enjoy looking at it. To continue to paint and paint, and go on and on, you look forward to the day where everything coalesces, and comes together. 

I remember the day I finished this piece - I walked out of my door, with this painting in my hands, and I felt a sigh of a relief- I had finally connected all the different sections with blending colors.I made a complete picture, and explore different levels of shading, and texture and form. Most importantly, I hadn't left a single part of the image blank or untouched. Every part of this immense surface was considered. Consciousness poured on every square inch.

Satisfaction doesn't even begin to describe the feeling - it was sheer delight to complete this painting.

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