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Crystalline Strawberry Palace

Although this drawing is fairly strange and bendy, twisty, and somewhat difficult to understand what it is, there is still a level of intrigue the viewer might have to this image.

Even though it's challenging to know what's going on here, the composition is still in tact. There is a high level of focus that is required to produce an image like this, and it serves as a relic for a flow state the artist was in.

The name is an interpretation of what the heck is actually happening in this image - there are pillars and reflective surfaces it looks like. There appears to be a strawberry in the top section of the image.

Again, the focus it takes to make an image like this is really the study, and the accumulation of moments of focus is truly what is, I find valuable in this image.

As the artist, writing about this, I can testify that it as absolutely euphoric to create this image. I absolutely loved drawing this, and all I really want to do in life is create images like this, and find myself back in this focused flow state again and again.

It was made entirely with prismacolor pencils. My thinking brain attempts to assign this image meaning, and there is a play in the activity of trying to find a middle ground between joyful creativity and logic.

The truth is - there is logic in this image, but there is really just a high level of non-sense. There are a few visual laws apparent in this image that our consensus reality shares, but for the most part, it's simply an ecstatic image, that exists for the sheer play of itself.

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