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Donut Shakti Universe

This is an acrylic painting that involved a heavy amount of layering.

The actual painting is truly this vibrant, and there really isn't much filter needed.

I think that's what I was going for in this painting - a sense of vibrancy, almost like those photographs where someone takes a picture of a moving light source, and the camera has a lag time of capturing just one point in space, so instead of capturing a single frame of light, it captures a trail of light.

I'm also inspired by what the people around me talk about and what people around me suggest to paint. My brother told me on a camping trip in the North Cascades National Park that humans are drawn to three things visually - water, stars, and fire.

So I find this painting an exploration of somewhat combining those three elements of water, stars and fire. It feels mostly a combination of stars and fire, but I suppose the water could play into this visually with the ripple appearance.

Originally, I was painting this "ascension of kundalini", when making paintings around the time that I made this one. I had this electric fire pattern go vertical - up and down in a straight line more or less in the center of the canvas.

I made so many of these ascension kundalini paintings because they were selling and I enjoyed the message of them. Then, at a certain point, I decided to deviate from my pattern, as is the process of creativity and boredom of too much repetition, and so I made a circle of pattern, and I found this to be so compelling.


This painting is a bit of an affirmation fo how satisfying the creative process really truly is. If you do something enough times, eventually you'll switch directions, and do something else, and it'll deliver you to a whole new territory you haven't yet explored, and that territory is very enjoyable to witness in whatever form you are creating. 

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