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Evolution of Commercialism

Don't let the universe know you are on to it. Don't let the universe know that you are aware of the games it is playing, and that all beings are a manifestation of your self. All people you meet are actually quite intricate and complex individuals far beyond our comprehension. However, we attract people into our lives, or rather we become aware of only the qualities of others that we consciously or unknowingly see with inside ourselves.

If you stumbled upon this image, there is something about it that you see within yourself. If you "spot it, you got it". What do you spot in this drawing? Probably a whole bunch of things. There's somewhat of a harmony in there. I put a lot of effort positioning the colors, and almost forcing it all to connect and to make sense. Sometimes, in order to coalesce the different piece in life, you need to cover over other parts, or allow other things to fade away. The greater question I face when looking at this piece is this - in order to see the bigger picture, and in order to make the bigger picture, can I allow the details to fade away? Can I surrender some of my hard work, and allow the greater good to come through? The composition is only a collection of its separate parts. 

The process itself is truly what helped me here. There was such a frustration for commercial America, and all the accomplishments that had happened without my consent, and the greatness that happened on the planet didn't need me, I was simply a witness to it all. I desperately wanted to be part of it all, because I wanted to matter. I wanted to mean something to somebody or to the bigger picture. When I realized that I didn't mean much to many other people, or rather most people on the planet, I decided to create my own picture. I decided to put all the pieces together in the way that I could. I wanted to consolidate all of my power, and make it feel grounded, or at least start to look at the immensity that is all around, and start to put it all together. 

Evolution of Commercialism is actually an evolution of myself. The way we evolve is we integrate the different parts of ourself. We put it all together, and I hope I matter to someone or something, but when I don't, I need to matter to myself. If I mean something to myself, well, at least I have control over that, and I can rest in peace. Isn't that what it comes down to? To rest in peace, to be at ease with oneself and one's place in it all?

I implore you to start to understand what's happening, and see if you can make sense of it all. Maybe you'll make some friends along the way, and they too, will share in your commissary of seeing how to understand it all. Seeing if you can accomplish something great, and if you do happen to open up some new understanding, and some new level of control, tapping into the greater rhythm, then do you want to do it alone? Wouldn't you want to take everyone with you if you could? Into a better place? Would we want to leave anyone behind if we could connect to a better place? A more benevolent place? A happier place? No - we will take everyone with us.

This drawing, at its essence is myself, coming to the conclusion that there is something greater, and I will scratch at the wall that is veiling it, and I will dig deeper into the ground to reveal it, and I will find other passageways and other ways of thinking, and being to arrive there. Perhaps, I will just sit. Perhaps I will sit and meditate, and be with myself. Perhaps the greatest discovery, as so many teachers have suggested, lies in one place, this place referred to as "within". 

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