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Heart Bic Pen Drawing

This drawing was done entirely with the office pen made by bic. I'm a huge advocate for any artist to use bic's crystal pen because it allows such a wide range of tone. 

As far as the subject matter - the heart is an organ that fascinates me, and I am expecting it to continue to fascinate me.

Artists have a connection to the "heart". There is an idea that artists use their hands, brain, and their heart when making work. I continue to understand the physiology of the heart, and how it pumps blood containing oxygen to the rest of the body. I suppose the symbol of the heart is what I find most intriguing. 

To "have heart" means to place your full effort and your energy into whatever activity you are engaged in. To be heartfelt can also allude to being fully present.

This particular organ has gotten a lot of the responsibility attached to it culturally to take on the betterment of society. There is such a loaded meaning to this organ, and I question exactly how much the heart  literally has to do with all the cultural narratives it has been assigned, and how much is coming from another plane, possibly a spiritual plane, or a plane that hasn't been fully acknowledged by the mainstream.

Either way, placing a conscious effort, and paying attention to the heart provides insights for the artist. To gather insight as I pay attention the subject of the heart is really the point of why I drew it in the first place.

I hope to continue to include the heart in my portfolio, as I continue to explore the human condition through illustration and art.

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