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Hip Bic Pen Drawing

This bic pen drawing is part of an ongoing series of anatomy drawings which I did in order to understand my own anatomy and physiology as a human being.

This drawing depicts the anterior (front) and posterior (back) sides of the hip bone of the human.

I'm fascinated by the stringy formation of the bones, and the way they are connected, and the ball and socket structure they have.

I'm also fascinated how my hip bones are inside of me, and there is also of this miraculous existence underneath my skin, and I really have no way of seeing it and visually experiencing it when I look at my body in front of the mirror.

I actually feel like doing anatomy drawings has helped me fall in love, in a way, with the miracle of our own physical existence. 

There is something so breathtaking about the way our physical bodies have formed, and how they allow us humans to function, and in this particular case, move and walk.

Doing this anatomy drawings has allowed me to sort of breathe into what I am made of. I think that after feeling disconnected in my life from all things, doing anatomy drawings has helped me reconnect with what I am and how I function. When I connect to what I am, I connect to what I have in common with others.

We each all have these hip bones, and it's incredible just how much we all have in common compared to how much we have that is different.

The insight and the knowedge of this anatomy of our bodies helps me empathize, and possibly even embody the commonalities between each other.

Bic pen is also a remarkably enjoyable way of processing information, as every line helps me trace my ongoing existence of the structure that all of us humans have in common.

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