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I am not my art

The statement of the painting and the painting itself are in contradiction. I feel when we are creatives and we are putting something out there, we tend to identify with it, or even think that what we create is the person. The truth is, is that we are our own people, and the art is a way for us to sculpt and develop ourselves, and we make art for reasons we can't fully comprehend at one time. I think we need to separate from our art a little bit, and be a bit down to earth best we can, and not fully enmesh ourselves with our creations. It feels a bit like a mask, and in order to get to know each other and ourselves, we have to remove the mask, and realize that we are more than what we present to the world, in our body and our personality. We are also more than the art. We are more than what we share at any one given time. There is a sense of needing to have oneself be fully expressed all at once, and it's really ok if it doesn't. Over time, it will though.

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