Art that moves the viewer to have a visceral, emotional, or spiritual experience. The art is not contained within one category of "realistic," or "surreal," or "psychedelic," but borrows features from those systems of visual experience to create a hybrid aesthetic. Andrew realizes that the creative process is constantly drawing from unconscious feelings, but is constantly in a state of transformation, and rebirth in order to continue to move the viewer. When there is a formula for "what works," Andrew immediately moves to build upon that or destroy the formula, in order to expand into new directions. The direction is to simply apply more time into the creative process. There is no one theme that occupies the process, but it is the idea of being absolutely open to any and all ideas that allows the creative process to continually be expansive. Andrew's process is the art, but usually translates into drawings and paintings, but the artist has often utilized light and video projection in the work as well. The one and only priority is to move the viewer to a point where the spectator walks away thinking about what they witnessed.

Goals - September 16 - October 16

Visionary Goal

Buy a vending machine, and make partnerships with different dry organic food organizations, stock the vending machine with food, and place these vending machines in low income housing areas, and make the food affordable for people to have access to the food. I think what I’m attracted to about vending machines is that they essentially are a passive income stream generator. I’m just a little obsessed with creating, unearthing, and producing passive income streams, and I’m looking for any way possible to create passive income streams.

Invest into a sculpture and maker class, and figure out how to turn my drawings into 3-dimensional sculptures.

Continue to promote my show

Send out an email list to everyone in my “constant contact,” list, and give them an update on what my website has to offer, and also that my show is coming up. Goal is to create a flyer with Frank’s Red K to sponsor it, and ideally to have some shirts printed and up and running in time for the show. I

  • Finalize the music aspect of the show - confirm with Mark and Tyler.

  • Make sure the show is on the Kingston MAD flyer.

  • Create a new flyer, and have fun with it. Distribute it. Get it out there. Get flyers printed and distributed.

  • Link my website with my domain. Have a sense of confidence in my brand, and continue to build it.

  • Learn from others, and see others as teachers- such as Frank, and Gregory Ortiz.

  • Put flyers all around.

  • 20 days left. Make sure it is promoted heavily.

  • Frame artwork in white frames.

Work with Frank on the RED K shirt

Merge brands with Frank Waters and create a hybrid brand. I support Frank, and he has a cool “K” logo shirt. Frank has invited me to invest into his brand with my artwork. I can take the K, and reinvent it, and add my art to spin it.

MyKK-KLogo-WhiteRedBack (1).png