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Kundalini Awakening Being

Kundalini Awakening Being is an oil painting I made upon arrival to New York after a 5 month trip to Southeast Asia.

This painting is an example of combining figurative rendering with abstract painting. When I say abstract, I mean, there are elements of the painting that the viewer can't pinpoint what it is, other than it being color.

I am inspired by what I've read to be referred to as the "chakra" systems, in which there are 7 centers that are placed along the spine of the human being, and these 7 colors are in order of the color spectrum (i.e red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and ending in white).

My knowledge of the chakras, although I've studied them, and I think about them throughout my daily travels and adventures, I find myself to be limited in. 

I have personal association with each chakra, and I have a brief understanding of the chakra systems according to teachers that I have read from, and yet there still feels to be a vast under-appreciation and low acknowledgement of the totality of knowledge that has been communicated about the chakras.

I start to use my imagination to fill in the blanks about what the purpose and the functionality of the chakras are, and similar to how I understand other aspects of life, I will study this area of subject through painting and through visualizing it.

I have quite a few paintings that have explored the subject of chakras, and it is a subject I continue to find myself drawn back to because of the under appreciation of the society I have been raised in- which is a background of Catholicism, and science. 

In studying a culture of Indian mysticism, which is where this exploration has been ignited, I have lumped all things that are "Western" together in opposition to them.

There is an innate rebellion to studying chakras because we were not given an emphasis on the chakras in school growing up in New York.

In an effort to individuate myself from the background I grew up in, I think I have gravitated towards chakras and other subjects that have to do with anything atypical of American or Western commercial society.

This painting is a relic, or an artifact from the exploration of rebellious subjects.

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