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Kundalini is a phenomenon that takes place at the base of the spine of the human being when it is met with a force called shakti.

Kundalini is a dormant energy force that lays sleeping until the person has an experience that wakes it up. To truly be awake, the consciousness must be aware of its connection to all the energy around it, and therefore, it reconnects with the oneness of everything.

This painting depicts the mergence of kundalini and shakti. When the shakti strikes down into the spine, it has an explosive feeling. It is the equivalent of what I was taught growing up to be "heaven" when I was in Catholic school - a sensation that was infinitely better than the best sensation I ever had.

Kundalini rises out of the base of the spine, and merges with shakti, the creative force of the universe that is ever-present, and omnipotent.

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