Art & Social Media Workshop with Andrew

Art & Social Media Workshop with Andrew

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Do you have no idea what a hashtag is? Do you want your artwork to be seen by thousands of people in a matter of seconds, but you get intimidated by the process? Did you start an instagram account, but you’ve just left it sitting there for months, and don’t know the first things about posting anything?

My workshop can help you have a framework for how to move forward with getting your art out there through instagram, facebook, gmail, twitter, and how that fits into the real world with getting actual shows. There are still things that I’m learning as I dive more into social media, but we’ll definitely get you going in the right direction, and we’ll talk about the intersection of the art world with social media.

The First hour is $100, and every hour after that is $50. If you want to connect with thousands of people and show off your work, this is definitely a class for you.

Once you sign up, email me at, we’ll figure out a date and time for us to meet up.

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