Psychedelic Portraiture (where Andrew paints or draws you)

Psychedelic Portraiture (where Andrew paints or draws you)

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We’ll meet up and do a consultation about exactly what it is you are looking for, but you will not be drawing during this workshop. A big component behind the portraiture is that you and me will connect, and I’m looking to help build your legacy that you leave on this planet. This is not just a copy-what-you-see portrait necessarily, but rather a reveal-multiple-layers-of-your-being kind of portrait. I’m looking to hopefully be allowed to capture something much deeper than your face. We may see something that you’ve never even known was there.

When we meet, we can determine exactly what your ideal portrait would look like. The next time we would meet, I will bring the finished portrait to present to you.

Prices will vary depending on the size, level of detail, and medium used.

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