Coaching around Mental Health and Art

Coaching around Mental Health and Art


Andrew spent over a year working as a recovery specialist with People Inc., an organization in the Hudson Valley that facilitated peer services, in which people who have been through mental health crisis, and have wound up on the other side, offer support to others to not just survive, but walk a path where they can see their creativity come to fruition. Andrew has certifications in suicide prevention, and over a year of experience working one-on-one, providing support for people who are recovering from a manic episode, and reintegrating into society.

Andrew swims a mile every single day, and has chosen to live a life of sobriety. Art and expression is integral to moving forward every day in life, but that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. If you purchase an hour of service, we will meet up somewhere that feels safe for both of us, where we can begin figuring out a plan to keep you on the right track that meets your needs.

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