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As I have uncovered past trauma around relationships, money, and power, I have learned that the experience is like plunging into my unconscious. 

In order to truly grow, we must dive into our experiences head on. This must be done with the proper coping skills, and it must be done with precision and care.

Just because you have the skills and capacity to explore the different parts of yourself, doesn't mean that everyone else wants to join in with your exploration.

You must move swiftly, and learn how to conceal yourself. Your journey and your process is yours alone. You must find others who are willing to "go there" as you are currently doing.

You mustn't thrust your process on others. Even if people around you feel they know or understand what you are going through, or they claim to be "healers", you must discern, and make quick judgement calls in your own internal dialogue and decide whether or not you wish to share your process with them.

No matter what, this is your journey, and you alone, you fragment of the source, can find where you are meant to plunge. We think we need to take others with us, but their puzzle piece of a life must fit into a specific slot at the specific time. 

The process of others is personal according to their calling, and their rate of development. We must remember to let others "be" as they are. Some people are farther along in their journey in certain areas, and less far in other parts of their journey. 

We may look up to others in certain ways, and then we are surprised by the way they have developed slowly in others ways. Again, each individual must pass through their own level of journey on their own.

If you are seeking guidance from a single individual, you have to switch up where you are collecting your insight from because one person can only shed light on certain issues, and others will shed light on the issues which may come up at certain times. Do not judge. Continue to plunge into your growth process. Your plunging belongs entirely to you. It is yours to own.

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