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A Meditation on Art and Your Health

An article about the lifestyle of expressing yourself

by Andrew Kaminski





These four words.

Consolidation - consolidate yourself. Bring all of your pieces together.

Integration - Bring your life together. What you experienced in the past affects you now. Understand how. Write down your dreams. Understand who you are. Let go of what others perceive you to be.

Unification - you have so many fragments that make up who you are. That profound conversation at the corner store. That look that woman gave you that stirred your soul. When you picked up a drum for the first time. The way you understand your creativity. How many years you've lived on this planet, and what you've done with your time.

Wholeness - That's what we're trying to do, right? Become whole. We are placed on this planet, and we have however much time. We gotta figure it out. We have to discover what we were assigned to do here. What is the point of all this.


It takes time, doesn't it? It's a valuable resource, isn't it? And yet, when you meditate, you are eternal. You eternalize your existence. How do we enter into a state where eternity is the default?

Seems many Americans are fighting for time. Are they fighting for their own peace of mind though? I usually just ignore them all. Is that selfish? Or am I in a place of not compromising?

I refuse to compromise who I am, or what I am, or my process. Of course I am like water. I am flexible, and I flow. Sure. But I know what my system needs sometimes. And sometimes, people may not like that. When you say "no".

Transformation, Oil on canvas, Artist: Andrew Kaminski

So, sometimes, you will be what others do not like. And why will you be this way? Because you can't help it. Because everything happens automatically by the will of God. You have to be on the same page, and believe there's some sort of higher power. Some sort of higher gravity that is pulling things, and you play as much of a role in it that you can possibly play.

Maybe you're not playing that big of a role after all.

But your experience - who you are - that's huge to you.

Maybe allow yourself to be what you need to be for you. Maybe - live for you, no?

Maybe allow yourself to do things that please you. Please others when you can't help it, but please yourself when you can't help that either.

Allow yourself to TRANSFORM. Be like water, like I said. Just exist. And flow.

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