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Andrew's mural with the veterans by Kingson High School.jpg


Veteran's Mural at American Legion Post 150

This is the Veteran's mural in Kingston, NY. Originally commissioned by Bill Forte, commander at the American Legion. This mural was created through input from the veterans whose American legion is juxtaposed next to this wall.


This wall separates the American Legion and Kingston High School. It provides a narrative that chronicles the different wars the US has fought in.


The first section depicts Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark. It then transitions to a ship from the war of 1812. It then transitions to two figures, wearing Civil War garments, who fought for the North. Then, there is a WWI battleship. After that, there are the soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima, from WWII. Then a B52 Bomber airplane, with a backdrop of the American flag. After that, there are two soldiers holding one another, shell-shocked from action in the Korean War. Then there is the Vietnam War, with soldiers holding a fallen brother. Then, there is a depiction of different branches of military service  - Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Air Force. Finally, the last section depicts the quote, "All gave some. Some gave all", depicted above a veteran graveyard..

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