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Rainbow Cyberpunk Being

I had a lot of fun with this colored pencil drawing.

I find drawing figurative images, meaning images of people to be satisfying, and the direction of the drawing is certain, and I know where I will end up more or less when I am finished with the drawing.

There is a sort of "freedom in the groove" when I am drawing a figure - meaning, I know I will draw 2 arms, 2 legs, a face, and the proportions are generally ones that represent a human body. So the anatomy is the "groove", however the freedom are the spirals on the knees, the wings, the crystal shapes protruding from the body.

If there is just chaos in all directions, I think it becomes stressful because I would feel - where am I going with this? Is this a waste of time that is going to confuse the viewer? Whereas, knowing this drawing is going to have a "container" of the human form is very grounding to direct the thoughts and the colors that want to be expressed.

This drawing actually inspired me to buy a mannequin, and start to create fashion. 

I recommend anyone reading this to start to create drawings that start off as human outfits, and then evolve with different shapes and patterns that fit onto the basic composition of the human form.

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