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Shakti Cascade

This is an oil painting of - how can I describe shakti?

Shakti is the life force described in a philosophy popularized by an Indian mystic named Baba Muktananda.

Shakti can be activated by a being that is grounded in the force. It is a specific belief system that helps contextualize feelings of euphoria, calmness, serenity, creativity, and inspiration. 

Shakti is an awareness, and also an experience. It is what spiritual seekers look for, and it's that essence that is imbued when the search is over.

This painting is a visualization of that final stages of the search by the seeker. When the seeker has found what they are looking for, they have arrived at some final destination, and after which, they can finally relax. They realize that they could have relaxed all along because they always had a connection to this force called shakti, and that no matter where they went, the shakti was carried with them.

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