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Shakti dipping into Shiva

Shakti dipping into shiva is a powerful experience described visually and represented by this painting, done in acrylic paint.

The layering techniques present in this painting allowed for a message of spirit to be communicated. 

During the actual process of this painting, it felt like I was channeling something - and I think that's the flow state.

When you start to feel euphoric when you're painting, you are creating something that is achieving visually what you are excited to eventually share.

You start to get so into the process, and you feel like you're on a sacred breakthrough in your process.

Thematically, the electric center that runs through the body is being it up in this painting, and all the gates of the chakras are being opened, and the chakras, which were once each blockages that prevented the electric shakti flow energy to move up and down the body, are not infusing energetically and colorfully into the central flow of what is being represented here.

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