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The purpose of Yoga is to elevate the human creature from the operating awareness that works on an ordinary level, of the ordinary mind, to the empowered state to control its impacts and get a handle on the Nature of the material world. Humans are, at least in the 21st century, starting out, limited by birth and death and Time, and commanded by the needs and desires of the mind, life, and body. An elevated state, that of one immersed in the Supermind is one that choose with their self discernment, and self determinations of the spirit, with knowledge they have chosen personally, a free will and power of being, which makes way for a sheer delight of being.

This image conjures represents such a state, a merging of colored pencil drawing conveying the Superman logo, a logo ingrained in the collective consciousness, with a burst of shakti represented juxtaposed in the background painting.

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