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Triple Force Soul Fluid

This painting is concerned with two things - the exploration of paint as a medium, and the exploration of spirit as a theme.

I think it's tempting to work with 3-dimensional media, or digital media, or countless other medias that can be manipulated and deepened as far as the artist's relationship to it. Paint is the focus in this particular painting.

As a painter, I am constantly looking to explore depth, and how dynamic I can make an image. In this particular painting, I played with layering, gloss, color, and form. There are so many layers, that the viewer can start to find hidden figures and faces and patterns that take the eye repeated returns to discover.

The theme is an ongoing development, relating to spirituality, and channeling paint as a vessel to communicate other realms into this physical shared reality.

A question that comes up is - Why communicate other realms? What is the point of trying to visualize this other realm of "spirit" into the mundane physical inertness that humans belong to. The answer is the human pioneering spirit for one. We are innate explorers and discoverers of something new.

There's an inclination to explore outer space, or to travel to exotic lands, and discover new people and interact with new relationships - all of which are remarkable explorations. I find the exploration of one's own mind, and one's relationship to art to be the most compelling exploration - one in which, I'm willing to return to time and time again.

This painting is a relic of that exploration of my internal world, which I would put a stake that others also identify as having.

What's the difference between this painting and the visual satisfaction of electric sheep, an A.I generated collection of dynamic images on a network of computers? Well, the relationship is what's unique about this. The human being, who is constantly being asked to conform in order to fit in with the crowd, has a deep inclination to find themself. 

If the self, or the witness could be visualized, what would it look like? This painting is an attempt to visualize and answer that question.

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