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Twelve steps to the True Self

This is an acrylic painting that was done for a rehab unit I work in.

Early on in my art career, I had mentors who told me that you cannot just do art - there has to be something else - some other complimentary activity needed in your life. So I chose working in the mental health and recovery field.

Recovery provides an infinite level of inspiration. People in recovery are my ideal viewers - they are looking deeply at themselves, and they want great change in their life. 

My art is and has long been about looking within, and taking a moral inventory to get better.

Although I haven't completely adopted an AA lifestyle, I still appreciate the power I witness in the 12 step program. The action of meticulously looking at one's errors in life and going through each and every one in order to call in a higher power of life. 

This is such an incredibly powerful idea that I took it on in this painting as a catharsis. I needed that communication to connect with the clients I see every day. This painting has helped me connect with people in recovery, to celebrate that process and visualize what it might feel like to certain individuals.

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