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Violet Supermind Crescendo

This painting is inspired by two things - the material of paint, and the theme of "The Supermind".

For a long time, before I had started to use acrylic paint, I was fascinated by layering and glazing, and how the viewer could observe multiple layers in one square inch for instance on the painting. That felt exciting to saturate the painting in a subtle way with information.

There is also a luminosity to glazing, meaning, the light and the colors reflected from the paint can be observed from different angles of the painting. If the viewer tilts their head, or if they move forward at a certain angle towards the painting, certain colors are revealed. Or if the light source in the room the painting is in, shifts, the viewer can actually see different colors underneath different layers.

There is a power to layering paint because in each section of the surface the painting is saturated on, the viewer can interact with the painting, and more is revealed.

I find painting to be about forming a relationship with the energy captured in the painting, so the more effect the paint has on the eyes, and the more the viewer has to move around to experience different visual effects, the more interesting the painting is. There's more to discover and explore, and there are hidden surprises and secrets that take time to unveil.

The other aspect of this painting is the theme of the "Supermind". The Supermind is what is meant to be communicated with this painting.

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