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Electric Ripple Mandala

The mandala is a reliable composition to find yourself in a flow state.

This particular painting was highly enjoyable to construct. I say "construct" because it sort of felt like I was assembling something when making it, perhaps like a contractor feels when they are constructing a building.

I would sort of fall into a flows state, and I would start to complete the circle of whatever pattern had possessed me in that moment.

I started to fall in love with the electricity like lines that started to form around the blue, and I always reference the artist "Cy Twombly" when I point to the untouched brushstrokes.

There is something enjoyable about allowing a brush stroke to be a brush stroke, without beating it to death with blending and removing its original push onto the canvas.

The mandala, where all lines and marks point to the center is helpful in putting the mind at ease, and the artist knows where they are going when the mandala is there to guide oneself.

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