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I am not my

This graphic is less of a product, and more of me working out ideas of what is the true self - the person, their personal brand, or something entirely different than either one.

There is a difference between the public self and the private self. The public self is the brand, what you share with the public often I feel if you are bold, imaginative, critical thinking, and protective of your life. Whereas the private self is our true feelings, and internal dialogue. 

Perhaps we create brands in order to mask our true self or hide behind the brand because we have to portray a public self. Perhaps we create these "avatars," these brands, in order to protect ourselves from the world, like a shield in commercialism. 

Or perhaps we share our brands and create them in order to wear a fashionable outfit we have cultivated ourselves, in a giant fashion show of brands and entities using us as vehicles, and us as sovereign beings mutually benefiting from our and their output in the public.

This piece depicts my face melting into my name which has been amplified and altered with the word "art" which is the brand that I consider "my", and yet it's not. I don't own it, and yet I do. I haven't traded it away so I suppose it is mine.

This statement is something to be continued on, as the artist continues to figure out what is oneself and what is commercialistic.

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